Christmas 2018

December 18, 2018 on 10:08 pm | In General

Launching Uxía (II)

August 25, 2018 on 2:54 pm | In General

On Saturday, the 18th, the launching of the mother dorn Uxia was carried out, after five years of work. The event was held at the pontoon of the San Gregorio Nautical Association, in Vigo (Spain) ,with whom we shared this event.

In this beautiful ceremony we had the assistance of the Councilor for Culture of the City of Vigo, Mr. D. Cayetano Rodríguez Escudero, who honored us with his presence.

Launching Uxia (I)

August 16, 2018 on 8:57 am | In General

Next Saturday, the 18th, will take place on the pontoon of the San Gregorio Nautical Association, Vigo (Galiza-Spain), the launching of our mother dorn UXIA. After almost five years of work the dorna was totally new.

All those who have an interest in our marine culture are invited to the event.

XV Meeting of Traditional Boats of Moaña

August 16, 2018 on 8:51 am | In General

Remadoira attended this year the 15th Meeting of Traditional Boats of Moaña (Galiza-Spain), which all the years the Sueste Association organizes, celebrated on the 11th and 12th of this month.

Remadoira attended the meeting with three boats. A beautiful day with many boats adorning our bay.

Cogami 2018

August 15, 2018 on 3:59 pm | In General

Another year, with the collaboration of the San Gregorio Nautical Association, we are once again collaborating with our COGAMI friends. A few guys with disabilities from this federation come with us to take a short cruise through our estuary and thus get up close to a bit of sailing in traditional boats. All an enjoyment for them as well as for us.

3º Kids Fishing Contest

July 8, 2018 on 7:11 pm | In General

This Saturday, the 7th, took place on the pontoon of the San Gregorio Nautical Association the “III Infant Fishing Contest with Buoy” carried out by the San Gregorio Nautical Association, the Rías Baixas Sport Fishing Association and the Tradicionais Association of Sailboats Remadoira

The day was a success of attendance, a contest that every year wins more followers. This year almost forty children enjoyed a magnificent day of fishing.

The great assistance was facilitated by a beautiful day, which allowed the participants to enjoy a day of fishing in contact with nature, reflecting, observing and interpreting the environment while socializing and developing virtues such as patience and perseverance.

It is a fishing contest without death, where the impurity in the naureza is minimal since the catches are returned to the water after weighing them causing them the least possible discomfort.

The children were accompanied by an adult, which was a wonderful opportunity for coexistence, meeting and creation of memories of a fishing day together.

In addition to five prizes and access to the major piece in both categories all participants received medals and a “patience prize” for their dedication and perseverance in the practice of fishing. After participating in a raffle, we say goodbye until next year, a date that both children and adults will once again coincide in such an endearing contest.

3º Kids Fishing Contest

June 23, 2018 on 11:37 am | In General

The next Saturday, July 7, will be held in the premises of the Nautical Association San Gregorio, the third kids fishing contest “without death”. In this event children can participate up to 16 years of age.

The childrens who are encouraged to participate should bring a fishing rod. Also, it is mandatory that  kids are accompanied by an adult throughout the contest. The test starts at 10:00 to end at 13:00 noon. Then proceed to the awards ceremony and accesits for participants.

This contest is organized by the Sport Fishing Association of Rias Baixas, San Gregorio Nautical Grouping and Remadoira.

All children s who wish to participate should enroll in kiosk “El Bicho”, next to Bouzas Church. Registration is free.

Encourage and come to enjoy a fun morning.


Christmas 2017

December 18, 2017 on 3:04 pm | In General

XIV Meeting of Traditional Boats in Moaña

August 20, 2017 on 1:08 pm | In General

Remadoira attended this year the 14th Meeting of Traditional Boats Moaña (Pontevedra), which every year organizes the Sueste Association, held on 12 and 13 of this month.

More than 30 boats met at this meeting. For our part, Remadoira went to the meeting with 8 boats, all of which this year are sailing from our extensive fleet.

2º Kids Fishing Contest

August 20, 2017 on 12:23 pm | In General

The children’s fishing contest of the year 2017 was a great success. Almost 20 boys and girls came to the dock of the Nautical Association San Gregorio, Vigo, to enjoy a beautiful fishing morning.

The fish that were fished were passed by the scale to point their weight and then released into the sea. All the participants had a gift and the first ones were presented with some detail as a prize, according to the weight of the fish.

For next year, more.

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