Asociación Cultural Remadoira


From the Remadoira Cultural Association, we give you the warmest welcome to our website, which includes information about the activities of our association.

This site also wants to be a witness of the work done by this group of lovers of the sea and our tradition, from our beginnings to the present.

But the objective of this communication channel is not limited to a historical trip or a snapshot of the current situation of the association. This page wants to capture the values that support REMADOIRA, the commitment to the marine cultural heritage, the dissemination of the marine culture of before, the homage to all those who, selflessly, spend their time and effort in keeping the traditinal sailing alive and willingness to serve have a marked presence on this website, as do our decisions.

Here you will find a blog, where we will give concrete news of our Association, and some static pages where we will inform you about our boats, projects and other content that we will be adding little by little. You will also notice some differences in the photo galleries, with some boats with few images , as a result of belonging to our first projects. The experience gained over time, also made us improve our documentary work.

This website is at your disposal. We hope that you can access, quickly and efficiently, the information you need. Do not hesitate to contact us to expand any data or tell us your opinions.

We just need to wish you a happy sailing.

Best regards.