Asociación Cultural Remadoira

1ª Beaching in Canido

On Sunday 23th, on the occasion of the bonfires of San Juan, boats of REMADOIRA participate in the 1st beaching on the Canido Beach, in collaboration with the Festival Committee Os Linhares, who organized this event.

About 18:30 pm, our boats landed on this beach to be enjoyed on the sardine will begin at 21:00 pm. Among all try to emulate this fish unloading ships that once made the place. We all enjoy this feast day. Around 18:30 in the afternoon, our boats will unload on this beach the sardines that will be tasted in the sardine feast that will begin at 21:00 at night. We will try together to emulate the unloading of this fish that used to be made by local boats. May we all enjoy this feast day.