Asociación Cultural Remadoira

4º Concurso de pesca Infantil

This last Saturday, the 10th, the IV Fishing Kids Contest with buoy developed by the San Gregorio Nautical Group, the Rías Baixas Sports Fishing Association and the Remadoira Traditional Boats Association took place in the dock of the San Gregorio Nautical Group.

The day was a success of attendance, in a contest that every year gains more followers. This year forty boys and girls enjoyed a beautiful fishing day.

Although the day dawned gray and it rained heavily in the early hours, it changed and the sun was shining the rest of the day, so the children had a very beautiful morning. In addition, we must add the power to be in contact with nature, reflecting, observing and interpreting the environment while socializing and developing virtues such as patience and perseverance.

It is a contest of fishing without death, where the impact on nature is minimal since the catches are returned to the sea after weighing them, causing them the least possible discomfort.

The children were accompanied by an adult, which was a great opportunity to live together, meet and create memories of a fishing day together.

In addition to five awards and access to the major piece in the two categories (kids and children), all participants received medals and a patience prize, for their delivery and perseverance in the practice of fishing. After participating in a raffle, we say goodbye even next year, date that both children and adults will meet again in such an endearing contest.