Asociación Cultural Remadoira

6Th Children’s Fishing Contest

On September 23, the VI “without death” children’s fishing competition was held at the facilities of the San Gregorio Nautical Association, developed by the San Gregorio Nautical Association, the Rías Baixas Sport Fishing Association and the REMADOIRA Traditional Boats Association. Boys and girls from 7 to 16 years old participated in this event.

The day was a success in attendance, with a sunny morning and a very pleasant temperature. This is a no-kill fishing competition, where the impact on nature is minimal since the catches are returned to the water after being weighed, causing them the least possible inconvenience.

The children were always accompanied by an adult, which was a magnificent opportunity to coexist, meet and create memories of a day of fishing together.

There were medals and gifts for all participants, and prizes for the one with the highest total weight caught and for the heaviest piece.

We look forward to another contest and another beautiful day next year.