Asociación Cultural Remadoira

Traditional Boats Meeting Bueu 2022

Last Saturday, July 30, we made a trip from Vigo to Bueu to attend the XXIV Meeting of Traditional Boats. We enjoyed a beautiful navigation, both outward and return. In this meeting, tribute was paid to Mr. Víctor Domínguez Antas, president of the Os Galos Association, who died in 2020 due to the pandemic.

In the video that we publish of the event, we pay a small tribute in memory of this colleague.

We hope you like it.

Cogami 2022

After two years without activities to consequence of the Covid, we have gone back this year to collaborate with our friends of COGAMI. We make the first route the past Friday day 15 and we count to make two or three routes more. As always we have the help of the Saint Gregory Nautical Grouping, that always collaborate with us.We expect to have some beautiful evenings so that all we enjoy.

Launching Mini & Folguinho

Last Saturday, September 18, we launched the open stern boat “Mini” and the Ribadeo boat “Folguiño”.

The event took place in the docks of the San Gregorio Nautical Association, with whom we shared this event.

In this beautiful ceremony we had the assistance of Mrs. Elena Espinosa Mangana, Councilor for Economy and Security of the Vigo City Council, and Mr. Jesus Vázquez Almuiña, president of the Port of Vigo, who honored us with her presence.

In addition, we want to highlight the pleasant gesture of Mrs. Elena Espinosa when she acted as godmother in the baptism of the boat “Mini”.

ETrad 2019

For the first time, students from [ETRAD] ( came to sail one afternoon with us. They were very happy to navigate traditional boats and with the pleasant feeling of sailing. For a few hours we live with people who try to preserve different faces of the culture of our country; them with our music and we with our boats.

Subida ao Rio Verdugo 2019

Like other years, some colleagues made a trip from Vigo to the Verdugo river. Three of our ships, Taiña, Chanquete and Trebello, passed under the Arcade and Pontesampaio bridges and sailed upriver. Aided by the tide, they reached the river beach of Comboa, in Soutomaior (Pontevedra). A fast and beautiful trip, helped by a strong south wind and a calm and pleasant ascent along this green and leafy river.