Asociación Cultural Remadoira

Cogami 2022

After two years without activities to consequence of the Covid, we have gone back this year to collaborate with our friends of COGAMI. We make the first route the past Friday day 15 and we count to make two or three routes more. As always we have the help of the Saint Gregory Nautical Grouping, that always collaborate with us.We expect to have some beautiful evenings so that all we enjoy.

Cogami 2019

Once again, with the company of the San Gregorio Nautical Group, we returned to work with our friends from COGAMI. This year we made 3 outings with some disabled boys from this federation. A trip that makes them feel very good and they learn a little about traditional navigation. A joy for both them and us.

Cogami 2018

Another year, with the collaboration of the San Gregorio Nautical Association, we are once again collaborating with our COGAMI friends. A few guys with disabilities from this federation come with us to take a short cruise through our estuary and thus get up close to a bit of sailing in traditional boats. All an enjoyment for them as well as for us.