Asociación Cultural Remadoira

Season 2021

This year, and with the problems and cons that we continue to suffer from the Covid pandemic, we launched 10 boats; 2 of them recently restored: the MINI open stern boat and the boat of Ribadeo FOLGUINHO.

We hope to enjoy these boats more than last year.

Good health to all.


Very few entities or people are going through these times in the same way as previous years. The Covid virus, which is wreaking havoc around the world only comparable to those produced by the great wars, forces us to change our habits with others, so this summer the navigations were different.

The precautions made impossible the collaborations that we did every summer, going sailing with users or students of [COGAMI] ( and [ARELA] ( ; Nor has it been possible to collaborate with the Rías Baixas Sport Fishing Association and the San Gregorio Nautical Group in organizing the children’s fishing contest in recent years, filling the pontoon with children.

It can be said that this summer we sailed when and how it was possible, with the appropriate security measures to, in this way, provide our boats with the seawater ration that is necessary to give them to be “alive”.

We hope that this nightmare that we are all living ends as soon as possible and thus return to normality.

Health to everyone.

ETrad 2019

For the first time, students from [ETRAD] ( came to sail one afternoon with us. They were very happy to navigate traditional boats and with the pleasant feeling of sailing. For a few hours we live with people who try to preserve different faces of the culture of our country; them with our music and we with our boats.