Asociación Cultural Remadoira


We've restored three old outboard engines, two Seagull models and one Tomos. These 2 stroke engines, in addition to being very old, did not work because they were broken. Its poor performance means that its repair or tuning is not profitable, since they cannot compete with the newer 2-stroke engines and much less than the 4-stroke outboards, which is why sailors, professionals or recreational, they reject its use.

Therefore, in Remadoira we believe that it was a shame that these engines died without more, leaving no more trace than old photographs, exhibition in a museum or hidden in a basement or attic.


These English outboards are engines with very simple mechanics but it is important to say that they are made of high quality materials. This makes them rugged and very reliable engines. If, due to an incident, these engines are flooded, with a cleaning of plates, a new spark plug and a little grease in the piston, start at the first.

Works done:

General cleaning with oil and air; disassemble and clean carburetor, repair throttle, cover and cable change, throttle handle cleaning and greasing; disassemble, clean and repair a leak in the gas valve; disassemble magnetic plate, change wiring, clean and adjust plates, change pipe and spark plug wire, change spark plug; clean and polish all brass screws that were removed; paint gas tank; polish boat anchoring system, relieve all screws and lifting mechanism.


They are Yugoslav engines manufactured by a moped company. They have a very functional design and their mechanics are unsophisticated, typical of the countries of Eastern Europe. It is also important to note that they are air-cooled, an unusual thing in marine engines but it is logical if we consider that it is a moped engine.

Works done:

Disassemble the entire engine except the propeller reducer Disassemble housing, electrical installation, magneto, block, carburetor, throttle control, starting system, rudder (very seized), exhaust, gasoline pump, clean all these parts with gasoline, polish all the screws, scratch the paint of all the parts that were painted, disassemble the piston and change the rings, reassemble everything to paint everything that was painted or sprayed, grease the rudder, clean the carburetor, change the pipe and cable, adjust the plates.